Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hold On

Finally, some light at the end of a long tunnel - okay, well a 4 1/2 week tunnel. That's when I quite out of the blue injured myself on my long run. Just running along at km 7 when I felt a little nip in my left ankle bone. You know, the kind of thing you feel like you can just shake off. A few steps more, and I felt a bit of tension just above the bone, again, feeling like I could just wiggle my ankle and brush it off. Three or four more steps and I stopped. Ah, just push through it, that was my first thought. And walked a bit. Nope. And with extreme heaviness I realized that something was really wrong here. I called my husband - come pick me up.

Stress fracture. What the heck? How did that happen?

Disappointment doesn't come close to how I felt. It was something deeper. Maybe it was shock. I don't know. I only knew that this was going to be a problem for me. Not to run. When I only just got it back?

6 weeks. That was the prognosis as I returned to the PT with the x-ray. I thought back then that I would never get through all the weeks. It was not a supporting bone, so while I could technically walk, I couldn't have anything touch the ankle bone or turn my ankle in any way to stretch the ligaments. Ouch. Then came the sympathy pain. It seems that the rest of the ligaments in my ankle and lower leg decided to get in on the action. Not amused.

But here I am now. With the go ahead to exercise the ankle and do some treadmill walking. NOT speed walking, just walking. That and some rehab work. And if truth be told - the rest has really helped to heal my ankle and the walking and exercises are showing me an improvement everyday.

While my PT is not God, she does forecast that I should be able to jump on the trampoline next week, and after that, well maybe some very light jogging.

I almost feel like I did when the HM was approaching and I would get nervous and anxious about the race. I am eager and anxious for the day to come to go back to my passion.

I really love to run. Hold On.

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