Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Next Steps

It's been 5 days since the Marathon and I'm so itchin to run!  Tomorrow I will go out for an easy 8 km, then on Friday an easy 12 km. 

There are a couple of Half Marathons coming up, the Jerusalem HM on March 25th, and the Tel Aviv HM April 8th.  These races are my interim goals, and I'm not quite sure how hard I will train for them.  The Jerusalem course is new this year because they've added a full marathon, and the Tel Aviv race will be a first for me.

My goal is to keep running and NOT get injured.  I am much happier running than not, and I don't want to risk another lay off like I had last year.

The fabulous news post marathon is that I seem to have encouraged and motivated several more people to take up running.  My daughter in law is working on her walk/run program, my son is ready to start and two other friends have started back on running programs.  It feels wonderful to have inspired others to become healthy!  WooHoo!

Looking forward to a nice easy run tomorrow.


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