Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time Flys & A New Puppy

My time flies....

I haven't been blogging lately, but that doesn't mean I haven't been training... I've just been very busy!

Actually, this Friday is the Jerusalem Marathon/Half Marathon.  I will only be running the Half this time.  Remember, only one Marathon every nine months... lol.... at least for now.

I've been feeling tired and sluggish lately.  I'm not sure if it's because we're nearing the end of 'training season' or because the weather is starting to heat up - and that means dehydration, etc.  Either way, I'm pushing through the last of my racing training and after this week's Half Marathon - I have one more in Tel Aviv in two weeks.

These next two races are special because my husband and daughter in law are each doing the 10K race in Jerusalem, and my son will do a 10K race in Tel Aviv.  I'm so thrilled that they want to race - I just hope that they continue to run for their health too!

We've also added a puppy to the family, Penny is her name.  She is a yellow lab - the same breed as our current dog Nella.  Nella is going into her 13th year, and is pretty old.  We wanted her to model a new puppy, and the chance for a pure bred Lab came up, so, now we're into puppy training too.  I plan to train Penny to run and train with me.  Penny's mother runs almost daily with her owners, and I hope that good running genes will run in the family.  Certainly I've got a lot of research to do.


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