Friday, March 12, 2010

Hold Your Horses

Today was the final 'long' run before the HM next week - and wouldn't you know it I was totally revved and ready to go, and yet had to hold back... Wouldn't you know it - one of my best running days and I had to hold back, hold my horses as they say...

Maybe I felt so good because it was only 16 km this week - or maybe it was the fact that I snacked on some raisins 12 km into the run. Duh! The past couple of longish runs have had me wiped out and I just now figured out it was because I wasn't fueling up mid way through the run. I also never used to eat before running, just a half cup of coffee with milk and sugar. Lately, I've been adding a half a banana with 1/2 tbsp of peanut butter spread on it. This seems to be just enough that I don't have that sloshing around feeling in my stomach when I go out, and I don't seem to get cramps or anything. (Since I get up to run at 5:15 am - I can't eat an hour before going out, etc.) Now, adding the handful of raisins is really giving me that boost of energy when I need it most. (I tried those gel thingys, but raisins taste better and are couple bucks cheaper per serving!)

Anyway, I was revved and ready to go and actually had a very good run. I did some hill work and tried to keep myself to a good pace so I didn't burn out too soon. Today's run is the reason that I started to run... I felt accomplished and proud of myself - yeah, go team!

Two more smaller runs and then Thursday is the big day... I don't have butterflies in my stomach, but a herd of wild horses!

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