Wednesday, July 7, 2010

False Start

Running Bubby.... Running Bubby.... This blog is supposed to be about my musings and meandering thoughts while running... Hmmm. Seems the only musing I have been doing is about not running.

I am now ten weeks post injury and it's still not looking good. I had the OK from the PT to slowly start to run this week, well you know, walk/run. My ankle was feeling fabulous and it seemed good to go. The first attempt was a walk 2 min, run 1 min thing. And I was able to do that for 20 mins. Afterwards, I felt a little pinching, but I thought it was going to be okay. The next day, I did a spinning workout, and thought I'd try a 5 min, rev your engine - remember the old days feeling mini jog to get me psyched for my return to running. Again, felt a little pinchy but okay.

Well - it's not okay. The pain in my peroneous came back and here I am on SL anti-inflammatory medicine, with the dream of running quite abruptly shoved off to the side, again.
I have an appointment with a new Orthopedist next Monday, but short of some tear in the tendon (which I don't think it is), he is not going to say anything different than what I have been hearing. Stay off it - rest - take anti-inflammatory meds.

10 weeks. How much longer is this going to go on? I'd really just like to fast forward to the part where I'm looking back on all this and saying, "Oh man, that was so hard and I'm glad I'm past it."

Running is more than just exercise to me. It's my time to focus on what's happening in my life and share a dialogue with my inner voice. It's for sorting out emotions and problem solving. It's a cleansing of all the stresses that keep me so wound up. It's a release - it's freedom.

I keep holding in my minds eye the image of me running - and I can see all my favorite runs. I know that I'll eventually get past this - I just wish it could be soon.

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