Friday, August 6, 2010

Guess Who's Back?

Whoo Hoo!

Happy, very happy to say that I'm back to running. Thanx God!

The Orthopedist finally gave the OK to start up again. He said there would probably be some minor pain - and that I could run through it - as long as I stopped if the pain was too bad. After that, he gave me a referral to an Ankle Specialist in case I wasn't better.

Well - glory be - things are fine. I'm up to 40 min sessions and the walk/run ratio is 1 min walk, 3 min run. By next week I should be able to run the full 40 minutes. It's a bit disappointing that according to the treadmill I am only running at a 8.6 km pace (where my usual speed is around 10 km), but I hope to eventually get it back to where it was prior to the injury.

I have plans to run a half marathon in December, and then my first full marathon in Tiberius on January 6, 2011. Training will start in September and I hope to be at full speed by then.

Obviously because there was no clear reason for my injury, there must also be a not so obvious lesson in all this. Meaning, there is something to learn from this long time off, and I'm going to do a little more introspection to figure it out.

Happy to be back!

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