Monday, October 25, 2010


Today was speed work, intervals - the type of training that makes me anxious to start and begging for it to end.

3 x 1600 at 5:38
2 x 800 recovery

for a total of 11 km - wew!

In all my years of running, I've never bothered with speed work. It either seemed too difficult to figure out the pacing or after trying it a time or two, seemed just too darn hard. Now, I am a convert!

In training for this marathon, I decided to be very strict in following all my prescribed runs. Whether they be long runs, recovery, easy and yes, speed work. I've decided to bite the bullet and work through my fear of speed!

I do these runs on my treadmill and while I'm really, really bored on the thing, I've got to admit that controlling the speed is a great option. (Although I'm not so sure my husband likes to watch the sweat fly off my body and splatter anything in a 3 foot radius, and the look on his face while I blurt out an encouragement to myself or a song lyric, tells me he's not sure about the entire thing.) The bottom line; my times have really improved, and I feel more energetic on my faster paced runs.

And don't ya just feel great the rest of the day!

On family news, we have a new grandson born this past friday night. He will be getting his name this upcoming Shabbat - and we're all very excited!

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