Sunday, October 10, 2010

X - Training

Today is a rest day or cross training day.

When I ran my first Half Marathon this past March, I didn't do any cross training, just rested on the off days. I had a pretty good race time, 2:15 - but I wonder if I could have been a little stronger.

While working through my injury earlier this year, I alternated swimming with spinning. Neither gave me that runner's high I get from running - but seemed an okay workout. However, now that I see how much my hamstrings and quads need to rest, I'm wondering if I should just swim and omit the spinning.... Aerobically, swimming is much more effective for me - and it would give my legs the rest I need.

Maybe I'll swim tonight and see how that goes.

What's your favorite x-training activity?

1 comment:

  1. Leg extension and elliptical machines are my favorite x-training. Also, if I am not training for a race, racquetball keep my agility, reaction and motion control oiled.