Friday, October 29, 2010


Today I ran 32 km. This is the longest. I. have. ever. run. period.

I ran for 3:32:52 - and I did it on my own.

My neighbour, who is also a runner, and has many marathons under his belt, told me I was crazy. Over and over, he kept saying I was meshuga, crazy. And while I did want to ask him some questions, as I jokingly refer to him as my "coach", I was first more concerned that I did something wrong.

I know I had more problems on this run than last weeks 29 km. This time, while the day was nice and overcast, it wasn't really all that hot or humid. (Okay - when you start your run at 4:30 am - it's not too sunny or hot either!) But I think I drank too much water. By about 20 km my legs started to feel very, very heavy. My stomach uncomfortably full. I had to loosen my running belt and slip it down onto my hips. I cut back on the water, as I read something once that said you can drink too much, and pushed through. Eventually by 30 km I had to slip into a 4 min run 1 min walk pattern for the balance of the run. That didn't disappoint me at all. I was darn happy to just finish the run.

My pissy negative side started to threaten NOT to run the marathon, (even though I signed up and paid last night online), but I quickly realized that an hour later I would forget all this and be focused on the next run.

So I wondered what my neighbour was talking about. His concern was more that I do these runs by myself. I countered that I can't find a single person willing to change up their own pace to run with me. I do not want to run faster than a 6:00 pace (which makes sense NOT to burn out on a LSR), and am happy to run slower sometimes for others, but I just can't find that magical partner who will slow down / speed up when needed. He told me that having a friend jump in at various points along the run will help keep me focused and mentally allow me to break the runs into sections that are easier to manage.

I again answered that I already do this - as I imagine most dedicated lone runners do. I break the run into various points, and as I pass them, I make a mental tick and move onto the next goal. It's true that it is often times enjoyable to run with a partner, sometimes though, I do like to be alone with my thoughts and struggles and work it out myself.

Another reason he thought I was crazy...? We are having my grandson's brit (circumcision ceremony) in my home tomorrow, and about 180 guests for a kiddush afterwards. Okay, I'll give him that. Maybe.

Anyway, my first major long run done. Only 3 like that over the next 10 weeks. Piece of cake?


  1. I think you are not crazy.
    In the end it's you and the 42 clicks. Running 32 by yourself is just fine.

    It is fun once in a while if you can find somebody to go your pace.

    As for your big event the next day..being on your feet the day after keeps you from stiffening up. Much worse sitting in a office all day!

  2. You're right Paul - it was easier to recover being busy than just lazing around!