Thursday, December 16, 2010

Final Run Long

Today I completed my last long run - 32 km before my marathon next month.  It was difficult - mentally and physically.  My time was exactly the same as the last long run 3:21:13.  Does this mean that this pace of 6:17 is what I could/should run the marathon in?  Although I felt so proud of myself for getting through this run, I did feel a little worried that maybe I should slow my pace a bit more for the marathon.  Having to add another 10 km onto a run like today's will be extremely hard.  I just don't know - I've never done this before.

The hardest part of these long runs is staying strong mentally.  It really is easier when you have someone to help motivate you to keep going, as opposed to having to always be mentally prepared to fight and win every argument with yourself about stopping, or slowing, or whatever.  I must be the world's best motivator, or else just really stubborn - because as much as I wanted to stop, or slow down, or whatever, I just didn't.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this next three weeks and the gradual taper.  Next week still has me at 67 km - and 45 km for the week after. 

Ouch, and my toe?  Still not better.  I almost feel like it's broken - but that can't be possible.  Just a terrible blister that won't heal, cause I can't move it away from the toe next to it that it keeps touching.  I am taking the next two days off from running, and I'm going to jimmy a splint that hopefully will allow my poor little toe to start healing.  Who would have thought a little toe could cause so much havoc!

Enjoy the weekend running.



  1. Have faith! Remember that YOU WILL BE TAPERED for race day...that gives you another 5%.

    Also, you will be IN A RACE! There's another 5%.

    One of my long runs was into a wind and I was off that day (why? who knows). Almost destroyed my faith I could do it.

    You can do it. It won't be easy (hey. It's a marathon, duh.) But you'll be fine if you've done 3x32km (and it's not too hot).

  2. Thanks for the support, Paul! I've done 4 x 32km and while I know that I can go that distance, I guess it's what follows that I'm worried about. I'm the kind of person that needs to know what's around the corner... I guess, though, I'll need to take this on faith and ummm, perserverance, and maybe a little guts too.