Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Humble Yet Powerful Baby Toe

Yes, that tiny wee digit at the outside edge of your foot, commonly refered to as the baby toe. Baby toe... baby.

Right. Not anymore.

That baby toe has put an end to my running for a few days because of a baby toe blister. One that I arrogantly ignored because, well you know, it's just my baby toe, and a bandaid should work.

Running in the rain did not help - and my baby toe is now a BIG presence in my life.

Nothing is working to take the pain away. Blister bandages, taping all the other toe digits together, padding between the toe. Nope, nothing. And I have a half marathon race on Friday.

I now have a new respect for this little - ahem, important toe and will give it lots of respect and loving care so that it will heal in time for friday.

This is the first training session that I am missing in preparation for my marathon in January, and while I'm sure everything will be fine, it just leaves me a little frustrated. Sounds silly to a non-runner, but I'm sure you all understand.

Just call me Hop-a-Long.


1 comment:

  1. You'll be fine, your running a ton.

    RE: blister.

    I have used this silicon rubber blister/friction bandaids before to good effect. However, I suspect they won't fit very well on such a small rounded surface.

    You could try slathering everything toe-and-around with vaseline or body-glide (including your sock). Messy but might work.

    Good luck!