Monday, December 6, 2010


WooHoo! It rained! Yesterday it finally rained!

Living here in the Middle East definately has its pluses. No snow, no snow, and of course, no snow. Now to a born and bred ex-pat Canadian, that adds up. When I left Toronto at the sage old age of 40, I new that I'd lived my fill of cold, slushy, bone chilling cold. (Oh, and don't forget that the sun goes bye bye from November to April!). Israel's promise, amoungst many, is that there will be lots of sun, heat and only the occassional, flukey, rare, brief snow fall that will last minutes. What Israel also promises often, is little rain.

Here winter lasts from December to mid-March. Where I live the average daytime temps drop to about 23c - 24c (75f) and in the evenings 10c (50f). No bad - and believe me it can feel pretty cold after you lived here for a while. However, the thing we miss, and need, and pray for, literally during the winter season, is rain.

Yesterday I had an easy run of 16km and since I wanted to run it easy, I went with two friends who are just getting back into running. One is super competitive the other pretty laid back. One of them I love to run with, ach, the other I could leave behind. You figure it out. We all commented on how the weather looked pretty stormy, but since there was no forcast of rain for at least another week, we were pretty sure it wouldn't rain.

Never say never. Suddenly the skies turned black, the winds picked up and a deluge was dropped. WooHoo! It was so amazing! Three crazy women running on the side of a desert highway in the pouring rain. Oy, is my Garmin waterproof? was my only worried thought. We seemed to be running into the rain clouds which prolonged the rain shower. My competitive friend said, "If it continues to rain I'm stopping and turning around." I said, "If it continues to rain, I'm just going to continue!" Now that's the right attitude, and to run in the rain over here, a blessing!

While I don't hope to run in rain too often, I do hope that the rainy winter season is finally here, and we receive the rain that we need to sustain us for the remaining 9 months of the year.

Anyone else have great rain stories?


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  1. The climate there sounds the same as here in winter, although we probably get more rain here (about 50 cm)

    My first marathon (see my very oldest blog entry) was in the rain...luckily not a hard downpour but a spitting rain.

    Running too long in a hard rain can be a problem due to skin getting soft, shoes getting soggy, and blisters then can happen galore!