Friday, February 18, 2011

Paying it Forward

Can I boast about something... brag about an accomplishment that while is related to running, it's not about MY running...

So far, I have encouraged directly, or indirectly, 5 people to start a running/racing program!

It started with my husband and his need to reduce his blood pressure, and improve both his cholesterol levels.  He really does NOT enjoy running, but, um, I think he does not enjoy my disappointed look even more.  Not really a runner in the sense that he doesn't anticipate his next run with any measure of joy, just mumbles and grumbles and gripes that sound like... "do I have to?"  (Know where I'm going with this?)  But bless him - he does like to race!  He has already run one 5K this past year, and is now registered for the 10K at the Jerusalem Marathon/Half Marathon next month, and the 10K in Tel Aviv after than.  Way to go hubby!

My daughter in law also became interested and after many weeks of 'learning to run', is also ready to start racing.  She is also registered for the 10K in Jerusalem and today we ran our first 10K together!  It was a milestone for her as her longest distance yet - and I was so proud of her.  She is very excited about running and racing - and I'm so thrilled that I have been the one to bring this change to her life.

Next, my son.  This past week he laced up his new shoes and off he went.  Not quite all the 'Mom' advice thrown out the door, but he pretty much was able to launch right into it.  Again, registered for a 10K in April.  WooHoo!

My workmate and his wife have also taken the first steps towards a new passion (I hope), and went out for their first runs this past week. 


The Running Bubby Club - what do you think?

I'm just happy that I am able to pay this great love forward.  I hope that everyone will benefit not only from the physical benefits of running - but more important (to me), the emotional side too.  While I am a bit too late to make any great records in times or distances, I am, however, not to late to be an advocate for running and show people just how much healthier and happier their lives could be.



  1. What kind of schwag does the RBC offer? 8)

  2. Okay Paul, what is a schwag? Googled that word and I came up with a musicv festival or low grade marijuana... how many west coast runs have you done...?

    You can be an honourary member of the RBC - we'll take all the pros we can get!

  3. schwag is free giveaway stuff!

    i.e. "What schwag did you get at that running expo?"

    Swag (disambiguation)
    Alternate spelling: Shwag or schwag
    The term swag may refer to one of the following:

    -Common term for promotional items, gifts to the general public, or a souvenir of a special event

    -Loot taken by a thief or burglar

    -Bundle of belongings traditionally carried by a traveler (a Swagman) in the bush in Australian and New Zealand, or in general, "a large amount of something"

    I am honored to a member of the RBC 8)