Monday, February 7, 2011

Running on Empty?

For the past two weeks my running has been uninspired.  It's been difficult and shleppy.  I'm really not very motivated to run (but I do anyway), and the magical high that usually hangs around for a few days, just hasn't been happening either.

I don't know why this blah feeling has come about - maybe some type of post marathon blues?  (I could google that I guess).

I am training for two half marathons, and while the mileage isn't as high as it was for the marathon, I'm also finding that some of these runs are very tiring and draining.  AND to top it off, one of my ankles has been feeling weak lately, and I'm worried about an overuse injury....

What to do, what to do.

While the rest of the world, or at least much of it, is in rest mode from running due to blizzards or floods, the weather here has been amazing for running.  Temps are great, and even the "cold" weather is a blessing and something we'll only dream about come April.  You would think this would be an incentive to get in some good runs.... eh, no.

Today at work I had a pretty frustrating day, and seemed to have a bone to pick with quite a few people.  One of my work mates came by my office and said, "seems you need to get out and go for a run."  I told him that I had just run 13km that morning!  See - that dopey, happy feeling is not lasting.


I'm the type of person that will continue to stick with it - and so, I'll keep to my schedule in hopes that that magic will come back.

As for the weak ankle, maybe a tensor bandage and a few less kilometers until it feels better.

This weeks plan:
Saturday - 11 km - Recovery
Monday -  13 km - (5km at HM pace)
Wednesday - 16 km - Mid long run
Friday - 21 km - Long run



  1. There is such a thing as post marathon depression/blues..usually they recommend a new goal...but you have that...hmm.

    If I go out for a run and feel blah and it doesn't shake off after I'm warmed up then I've learned to go body is telling me I'm fatigued in a very subtle way. If I ignore that feeling I get little injuries quite often.

    Anyway, I'm sure it will pass and you'll be back to normal soon!


  2. Hey thanks Paul. I wanted to give you a shout out for your great Marathon and your fabulous post. But it seems to placed a table over the comment bar. Maybe you want to take a look so we can all give you the praise you deserve!