Sunday, November 14, 2010

Al Derech Burma 5K Race

WooHoo! This past Friday I ran my first official 5k Race. It was a trail race, and I placed 2nd in my age division (40+ although I'm 49) with a time of 29:34.

It was a very hot day, 30c and the race was run at high noon - talk about hot! The course was advertised as relatively flat, but believe me, there were more hills in the course than there should have been in such a short race. The first half I ran in 13:13 and really should have had a better finishing time, but the heat and hills just got to me. (I guess I was also a bit tired from the 14 k I ran in the morning as part of my marathon training.)

Because is was a family run, there were many, many children and they were like ants scampering in front of all the runners. They haven't learned the finer rules of racing, and as such, they kept crossing in front of everyone, at odd intervals which made it hard to figure out where to step next.

My husband also ran his first 5k and he placed 17th in the same age division. I am very proud of him, as you know, he's really not that fond of running. My family came to the run to watch Bubby & Zaidy run, and it was great fun having them there to cheer us on.

This is my son & family

Hubby and I post race.

All in all it was a great day and a fun race!

This weeks Marathon training has me scheduled for:

16km (13km tempo)
14 km easy
32 km long
14km recovery

I need to psyche myself up for the long run. It is starting to get a bit challenging mentally.

Best to all,

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  1. Wow, I'm amazed at your ability to function in such heat.

    Funny that you did your normal 14k AND the race!

    My favorite part of marathon training is the long feel like you really accomplished something. But if I run them too fast it can make me pretty useless for the rest of the day...